CMC For Fracturing Fluid

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PAC & CMC can be used in drilling fluid, fixing fluid and fracturing fluid.
In drilling fluid, it works as viscosifier, filtration reducer, and rheology controller; In fixing fluid, it is used to control fluid viscosity, suspend heavy objects, and avoid fluid loss; In fracturing fluid, it is used to carry stuffing and avoid fluid loss.

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PAC & CMC can be used in drilling fluid, fixing fluid and fracturing fluid.

In drilling fluid, it works as viscosifier, filtration reducer, and rheology controller; In fixing fluid, it is used to control fluid viscosity, suspend heavy objects, and avoid fluid loss; In fracturing fluid, it is used to carry stuffing and avoid fluid loss.



CMC-5000 CMC-6000 CMC-7000 CMC-8000S
Viscosity(mPa·s) 5000-6000 6000-7000 7000-8000 ≥8000
Degree of   Substitution ≥0.85
pH Value 6.5-9.0
Purity(%) ≥99
Loss on   Drying(%) ≤10.0

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