Landoil PAC LV is a polyanionic cellulose polymer, which is an extremely effective filtrate reducer in fresh or salty water. It also acts as a thinner in salty water in low concentrations.

  • PAC R & PAC L

    PAC R & PAC L

    PAC R: Filtration Control Additive
    PAC R modified natural cellulosic polymer provides filtration control in most water-based drilling fluids.


    PAC L:Modified Natural Cellulosic Polymer

    PAC L modified natural cellulosic polymer provides filtration control in most water-based drilling fluids without substantially increasing viscosity.

  • Food Grade CMC

    Food Grade CMC

    Used as additive in food field, CMC has the functions of thickening, suspending, emulsifying, stabilizing, shaping, filming, bulking, anti-corrosion, retaining freshness, acid-resisting, health protecting, etc. It can replace the application of guar gum, gelatin, agar, sodium alginate, and pectin.

  • CMC For Toothpaste

    CMC For Toothpaste

    CMC is used in toothpaste for shaping, adherence and stabilizes features of toothpaste.
    Under the condition of good appearance, we can ensure proper consistency and stability in different toothpaste producers.

  • CMC For Paper Making

    CMC For Paper Making

    In paper making industry, CMC is used to make the paint for coated paper, as additive in wet-end and sizing agent for surface. We have different paper making grades of CMC products to satisfy different customers’ requirements.

  • Detergent Grade CMC

    Detergent Grade CMC

    Synthetic detergent is the earliest use of CMC. Since CMC Detergent has emulsifying and protecting colloid properties, CMC Detergent is one of the best active aids of   synthetic detergent. CMC Detergent plays a role in preventing dirt from reattachment during the washing process.CMC Detergent is the best active aid of synthetic detergent.

  • CMC for Paints and Ceramics

    CMC for Paints and Ceramics

    CMC can be used in ceramic body, glazing pulp, and decoration. Used in ceramic body, it is a good strengthening agent, which can strengthen the mouldability of mud and sand materials, help the shaping of the base and increase the folding strength of the green body. Used in glazing pulp and decoration, it is a binder that plays a role of suspending, uncoagulating, and keeping water.

  • Ultra High Viscosity CMC

    Ultra High Viscosity CMC

    Technical Specifications of Ultra High Viscosity CMC Type CMC-6000  CMC-8000  CMC-10000 Specifications 1% Soln. Brookfield Viscosity ≥6000  ≥8000 ≥10000 Degree of Substitution 0.65-0.9 Loss on Drying(%) ≤10.0 Purity(%) ≥98% pH Value 6.5-8.5
  • Mining Grade CMC

    Mining Grade CMC

    CMC is used in mining industry as pellet binder and floating selection inhibitor. CMC is a component of the binder for mineral dust shaping, and the binder is an indispensable ingredient in pellet forming.

  • CMC For Fracturing Fluid

    CMC For Fracturing Fluid

    PAC & CMC can be used in drilling fluid, fixing fluid and fracturing fluid.
    In drilling fluid, it works as viscosifier, filtration reducer, and rheology controller; In fixing fluid, it is used to control fluid viscosity, suspend heavy objects, and avoid fluid loss; In fracturing fluid, it is used to carry stuffing and avoid fluid loss.



    Landoil CMC HV is a high molecular weight high viscosity dispersible Carboxymethyl Cellulose fluid loss additive designed to provide viscosity and reduce API filtration rate in water based drilling fluids.